Our team of experts specialise in helping businesses to stabilise, grow, improve and flourish. Some of the areas we assist with include:

In our experience, businesses who have survived the start-up stage have an entirely new set of challenges to overcome. For example, you may have an excellent idea for expansion but may not have the funds available to do so. It may be that you have grown very quickly and have neglected to embed clear policies and procedures which ensure consistency across the organisation. In some cases, you may have strayed from your original vision and know that this is an ideal time to regroup and review your objectives. Our team of experts have helped many businesses overcome this type of challenge by providing practical, real world advice that really makes a difference. We are passionate about helping established businesses take the next step forward in a way that will ensure both stability and growth as you begin your next chapter.

As business people, we have been there. We understand the pitfalls, the obstacles and the pressures you face. To date, we have not yet faced a problem that has been unsolvable. We think differently and our clients tell us we excel at what we do.

We also know that for any business owner, finances are key. That’s why we offer a free, no obligation consultation where we will get to know you and your business before advising how we can help. In a break from tradition, we offer extremely flexible, competitive payment plans and often charge on a results only basis. We make our expertise affordable because we want to show you what we can do.

Why use Leading Strategies?

We do it differently

Forget everything you thought you knew about the corporate world. Our team of experts are real people who have one focus – helping you make your business the very best it can be. Say goodbye to pretentious, stuffy, idealistic Consultants. Say hello to switched on, practical, energetic people who are committed to helping your business flourish.

We offer flexible payment terms

We know that as a business owner, every penny counts. That is why we offer extremely flexible payment arrangements that frequently veer away from the traditional fee model. For example, we are often able to agree fees based purely on results, so if we don’t deliver, we don’t get paid. You can’t say fairer than that.

We work around you

We know you want to spend your time focusing on your business. That is why we offer out of hours appointments during the evening or weekends and are happy to hold these at our place, or yours.

We are innovative

That’s not to say we don’t promote good old fashioned values such as honesty, integrity and transparency, we do. What it means is that we are committed to thinking differently, thinking outside the box and implementing innovative solutions to get a better result for you, our client.

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