Are we ever really ‘Out Of Office’?

I haven’t done it for years, but I decided that this time, before I went on holiday, I would put on my “Out Of Office”.

Whilst my colleagues loved the intention, their response was a wry smile, an approving nod of the head and the absolute knowledge that this wouldn’t last for too long.

In reality, we all know that in the modern world the Out Of Office tool is a dying breed, slowly being retired to the back of the cupboard. In the good old days, taking a holiday meant leaving your mobile phone behind (because it wouldn’t work overseas anyway!), leaving your emails unanswered and spending your break with a slight sense of worry as to what was happening in the office whilst you were away. These days, everything has changed.

Whilst we all still recognise the excitement of putting on our Out Of Office before a holiday, we also know that it is very unlikely we will get to switch off 100%. In fact, I can almost guarantee that before spending your hard earned cash on a hotel or villa you will automatically and instinctively check it has a solid WIFI connection – go on, tell me I’m wrong!

As business owners, we know that our clients demand more from us and frankly, we are happy to oblige. In an ever shifting market, the expectations are higher, our clients want accessibility, responsiveness and efficiency. They need to know they have access to the support and advice that we provide whenever it is required including evenings, weekends AND whilst we are on holiday.

Of course it helps that we are passionate about what we do. As the old saying goes, “When you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life again” and we really embrace that ethos at Leading. Whilst we like to let our hair down and relax as much as anybody, we also believe in the importance of delivering a quality service to our clients, each and every time. The successful business owner knows that the business never really closes, it’s a 24-hour operation that needs to be nurtured in order to flourish.

Thankfully, these days, technology is our friend. At Leading, we use advanced cloud-based solutions such as Xero to ensure we always have a clear overview of our business finances. In fact, we value the data we receive so highly that we partner with organisations such as Xero to share this amazing technology with our clients on preferential terms. You can find out more, here:

True to form, it didn’t take me long to start responding to emails! I often say that a holiday is when you temporarily relocate your working environment to a foreign, often hotter country!

Next time, I may consider finding a hotel without internet access but, until then, its “Adios!” from me!